Sibley Tents
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Full scale. 12' high, and 18' diameter. 10.38 oz Sunforger canvas. Double stitched seams and reinforced like our other fine tents. This is a cone shaped tent. Saw wide spread use as seen in the original photographs. Not as popular today but we still sell a few. Once it is set up, it is similar to a large Tipi. Complete with iron ring at top. Rain Cap is Extra.---$850.00 plus s+h
Sibley Tent, 2/3 scale. Same as above only 2/3 size. 10.38 oz Sunforger canvas. Rain Cap is Extra.  $825.00 plus s+h
Rain Cap for Sibley Tent. Cone shaped canvas that fits over the top of the the Sibley Tent. Sunforger Treated canvas. $100.00 plus s+h
Shipping and handling is $69.99 per tent.
E mail James at for orders.
Poles, ropes and tent stakes are not included with our tents. We will provide an instruction sheet for making the poles required (2 X 4's and 2 X 2's) for the specific tent and I will supply E-mail support to help you set up tent for the first time.